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Hey! What's up? How ya doin?!,

    Today I fully introduce my OC Butch to all you peeps:iconapplebuckplz:. So I'm just gonna list some facts about him:

1. I'm not sure if you noticed from his picture but Butch isn't exactly a "happy" fellow. When Butch was a child his parents used to fight. ALOT. They never really paid attention to Butch other than when they brought their fights to him for him to decide who was right, causing Butch to become a bitter old cow. 

Butch: DONT TALK ABOUT THEM!!!:iconnotlisteningplz: AND DONT CALL ME COW!!!:iconsaiyanplz:

That brings us to fact number two!

2: Butch hates when people call him a cow:iconlaughingplz:.

Butch: That's because I'm a bull!:icononionnouplz:

3.Butch is a white cow-

Butch: BULL!:icon0inugrowlplz:

3.-whatever, a white BULL that has a big black spot around his right eye. He wears a black and white dress shirt and black boots. He has two black-tipped horns and black-tipped ears. He is always seen wearing his signature nose ring.

4. Butch found Happy Tree Town by getting hit by a car (I'll explain more in the fanfiction that you'll find out about later.)

Now that I got down the main facts about Butch let's talk about his life in  Happy Tree Town!:iconinuclapplz:


Butch, frankly, doesn't have a lot of friends.

Butch: :iconinsultedplz:

Although he does have a few who can put up with him long enough to get close to him

Butch: :iconitsfreezingplz:

Here is a list of these people:

  1. Flaky
  2. Flippy
  3. Pop
  4. Cub
  5. Handy
  6. Cuddles
  7. Giggles
  8. Jinx(you'll learn about him later)

He is extremely friendly with Flaky(he sees her as a daughter figure) and Cuddles (his best friend/ roommate for a while when he first came to Happy Tree Town.)


Butch has more enemies than friends-

Butch: :iconawkwardplz:

-here is a list of Butch's enemies:

  1. Lifty
  2. Shifty
  3. Lumpy (although Lumpy doesn't know it)
  4. Nutty(too loud)
  5. Mime(too quiet)
  6. Flipqy
  7. Disco Bear
  8. Mole

Anyone else is more of an acquaintance.

Butch: :icongivingupplz: I'm anti social.



Well that's all you gotta know about Butch!

See ya!:icon0inuspazplz:















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I love happy tree friends with all of my BEING!!!!! I also love sonic and percy jackson. If they could all come together my life would be COMPLETE!

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